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    Old School Vintage Style

    Now that we’re all grown up, back to school takes on a whole new meaning. For vintage lovers and collectors its an opportunity to seek out old school finds for our decor and fashion sense. Such pieces remind us of chalk dust, new crayons, class photos, gym class, science labs and typing class. Vintage Brass Apple Bell from Untried The shops at Vintage And Main offer a great selection of Old School Vintage finds. Come revisit old memories and be inspired all over again with our curated collection. Take your seats, class is about to begin! Vintage School Bell from Whimzy Thyme Classroom finds are always a great addition to a child’s…

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    Decorating with Vintage Books

    Growing up, we’re encouraged to love books. We snuggle up with our favorite stories, enjoy the whimsical illustrations, study and learn from them. Today we live in a digital world, where there are countless ways to share printed words – e-readers, laptops, billboards, even blogs like this one! But for many, the unique magic of a real book never leaves us. The smell of the paper, the weight of a well-loved volume in your hand, sipping a mug of coffee; these things bring us calm and joy. Antiquarian Book from Mary Beth Hale What we often overlook is the incredible potential of the book as an object – these treasured tomes take up physical…