• Vintage Turtle Shell
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    Vintage Rocks! Bringing the Outdoors In

    We humans have long been fascinated with the natural world. Flora and fauna, animal, vegetable, mineral. Is it any surprise that bringing the outdoors indoors has been “in style” for centuries? We’ve found ways to adorn ourselves and our homes with nature; earthy tones and textures become creative design focal points, the natural center of our universe. As Art and Decor From top left to bottom right: Vintage Deer Skull // Hand Painted Gourd Pinecone Art // Owl Rock on Driftwood In Our Libraries Environmental Book Bundle Vintage Turtle Shell On the Table Faux Antler Horn Silverware Agate Stone Appetizer Picks In Fashion and Accessories From top left to bottom right:…

  • Get the Look - Rustic Vintage
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    Get the Look – Rustic Vintage

    When travelling, I always enjoy spending a day poking around in vintage shops and galleries. Design often varies regionally, and I am frequently inspired by seeing things in a different context or from a fresh perspective. When I see the “bones” of something I like, it gives me a focal point for creating my own look. I loved the casual rustic vibe of this space and, while I love the palette, for summer I’d add color to keep it bright. So I went shopping online.  I started with my favorite rustic finds from Vintage and Main, and added a few more items I just couldn’t resist to complete my look. From…