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    Collecting Vintage Children’s Books

    I Want to be a Dairy Farmer from Happy Fortune Vintage Ah, books. They’re beautiful to look at, comforting to carry and hold, and they often smell divine. They can transport us to a whole different world just by turning their pages. If you’re a book lover, chances are good you have a bookcase (or two) overflowing with different titles. My bookcase is an eclectic mix of my favorite novels, my boyfriend’s endless collection of sci-fi adventures, old textbooks, art references, and history books. But there is one corner of my bookcase that is special. It houses my small collection of prized children’s books. Wings for Per from Oceanside Castle…

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    The 1950s Housewife at the Office

    Vintage fashion is something of a trend right now, with victory rolls and hair scarves popping up at your local farmers market or concert venue, paired with fitted waists, flared skirts, and capped sleeves to make any 1950s housewife envious. While there are wonderful events where you can go full-on vintage (here in Boston we just held a 1920s lawn party!), for the majority of us a good 5+ days a week are structured around office wear and business casual. The cost of a good vintage dress, even a bargain, can be hard to justify when it’s delegated to weekend-only wear. But as both a lover of vintage style and…

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    The Last Days of Summer

    Summer in 1955 photo by: Tammy Tummy Tumbler Vintage Sunglasses from Saffron Colored Pony Vintage Picnic Basket from Recycle Buy Vintage 1950s Sundress from Small Earth Vintage Now is the perfect time to get outdoors and enjoy a picnic, before we’re stuck indoors all winter long. The last days of summer are upon us and there’s no time to waste.  This snapshot from 1955 says it all.  Get a similar look from the shops of Vintage and Main with a pair of vintage sunglasses, a vintage picnic basket, and a sweet 1950s dress to end your summer right.

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    Not Your Grandma’s Tea Time

    As someone who sells vintage items, it’s important to make sure my newest finds end up in my shop and not scattered throughout my house. The urge to over-decorate my tiny two-room apartment with beautiful vintage goods is tough to fight, but I’ve found that if I create rules for myself I tend to stick to them. One of my rules is that I can only keep something I love if it is a) useful b) easy to store and c) makes my life better in some way. These rules are how I came to cherish a very small collection of vintage teacups. They are incredibly useful in their capacity…