• Mod and Groovy
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    The Mid Century Years: A Study in Contrasts

    Minimalist, sleek and elegant in design, décor and fashion; or mod, groovy, pop and op art, outrageous and whimsical. Mid Century was a period that brought us Mad Men, the Beatles, Lassie and Laugh In. The mood of the times was reflected in every aspect of life. It was truly a time to “do your thing.” The shops of Vintage and Main are revisiting all of the eras aspects, contemporary and timeless. What’s Your Style? Sleek and Sophisticated… From top left to bottom: Whiting and Davis Handbag // 1960s Embroidered Dress 1958 Cookbook Illustration Or Mod and Groovy… From top left to bottom right: 1960s Mod Fashion Photo // Jute Sisal Tote Pop…

  • 1940s Dress Set

    The 1950s Housewife at the Office

    Vintage fashion is something of a trend right now, with victory rolls and hair scarves popping up at your local farmers market or concert venue, paired with fitted waists, flared skirts, and capped sleeves to make any 1950s housewife envious. While there are wonderful events where you can go full-on vintage (here in Boston we just held a 1920s lawn party!), for the majority of us a good 5+ days a week are structured around office wear and business casual. The cost of a good vintage dress, even a bargain, can be hard to justify when it’s delegated to weekend-only wear. But as both a lover of vintage style and…