Not Your Grandma’s Tea Time

As someone who sells vintage items, it’s important to make sure my newest finds end up in my shop and not scattered throughout my house. The urge to over-decorate my tiny two-room apartment with beautiful vintage goods is tough to fight, but I’ve found that if I create rules for myself I tend to stick to them. One of my rules is that I can only keep something I love if it is a) useful b) easy to store and c) makes my life better in some way. These rules are how I came to cherish a very small collection of vintage teacups. They are incredibly useful in their capacity to hold hot, delicious drinks. Each one sits neatly atop my bookcase in its own metal display stand. And when I carve a few minutes out of my afternoon to boil a pot of water and sit back with a nice cup of tea, I’m amazed at how much good it does for my soul. And so without further ado, I present some of my favorite vintage tea cup finds for anyone needing a bit of beautiful ‘me-time’, vintage style!

Vintage German Tea Cup and Saucer Trio SetVintage German Tea Cup Set from Circe Collectables

I personally love teacups from Germany and Bavaria, as they have a delicacy and style that appeals to my love of Art Nouveau. This stunning blue set from Circe Collectables showcases some of that gorgeous mid-century design. Curving lines, touches of metallic gold and bold colors, as well as lovely matching plates for your afternoon snacks!

Vintage Cups and SaucersJohnson Bros Old Chelsea Ivy Leaf Pattern Cups and Saucers from Gazaboo

Perhaps you prefer to take your tea with friends and loved ones – a cherished tradition spanning decades and continents. This set of four matching teacups from Gazaboo is the perfect and affordable start to any teacup collection. You’re ready to host with this lovely ivy-covered set, which begs to be paired with tea sandwiches and enjoyed outside on a lovely summer or fall day.

Antique China Cups and SaucersAntique China Cups and Saucers from All Things White

If a tea party is more your style, you may prefer a larger matching set. Kathi of All Things White offers this stunning, heirloom quality set of 10, perfect for bridal showers or a large brunch. Classic, elegant, and stylish, this set would make a great wedding gift for the bride or groom who like to host (or have a big family!), and the gold rims lend themselves to more formal affairs.

Yellow Rose Porcelain Cup and SaucerYellow Rose Porcelain Cup and Saucer from Whimzy Thyme

I personally prefer individual teacups, generally with soft floral patterns – and so one of my favorite shops on Etsy is the perfect fit. Deb at Whimzy Thyme offers this gorgeous autumn teacup and saucer set. I can just imagine curling up in a blanket on my porch in October and sipping a blueberry maple tea out of this beautiful cup. It’s an excellent gift for the fall birthday tea-lover!

Green Precious CupGreen Precious Cup from Mademoiselle Chipotte

This unique teacup in soft sage green and white was given as a souvenir of a communion – and would make an excellent gift for a special religious occasion. The timelessness of teacups mean that they can be passed from grandmother to mother to child, and cherished for decades if cared for properly. As I prepared to move for college, my mother gave me a teacup that had been given to her on the day I was born – it featured my birthday and a bright red rose. She’d kept it hidden away to surprise me when I started out on my own journey, and even now I use it when I’m feeling homesick.

Teacups are delicate as far as serving ware goes, and I only hand wash mine in warm, soapy water, never in the dishwasher!  Yes, a rambunctious kitten has broken one or more over the years, and it’s a shame to see them go.  But like most physical objects we love, its the memories and enjoyment that really last. 

Written by: La Roux Vintage

Erika is the owner of La Roux Vintage. When not out scouring the greater Boston area for vintage home decor, she can be found running, painting, teaching herself to play the accordion and drinking copious amounts of coffee.

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About Written by: La Roux Vintage

Erika is the owner of La Roux Vintage. When not out scouring the greater Boston area for vintage home decor, she can be found running, painting, teaching herself to play the accordion and drinking copious amounts of coffee.

21 Replies to “Not Your Grandma’s Tea Time”

  1. There is nothing nicer than a cup of tea served in a beautiful cup! Thank you for presenting these beautiful tea cups available from the shops of Vintage and Main.

  2. Oh how I love a good cup of tea – or coffee – and it always tastes so much better from a lovely antique cup and saucer. The down time is also a must! Wonderful post!

  3. One of my true loves also — love a cup of coffee or tea in a gorgeous tea cup with saucer. Truly one of my favorite things to do that is so simple, elegant and priceless.
    Everyone should treat themselves with a little “me time” and enjoy a great cup of coffee or tea in a beautiful antique cup & saucer.

    Thank you Erika for a wonderful Post!

  4. My mother, a life-long tea drinker, was religious about her afternoon tea–and cookies. Today would have been her 91st birthday. I think I’ll have a cup and pretend she’s joining me. Cheers, Mom!

  5. High Tea in Britain and Wedding Tea Ceremonies in Japan come to mind. A hot cup of tea in a lovely vintage teacup is like stopping to smell the roses. Take a moment. Wonderful post!

  6. Just had to have a cup of tea while reading this … made in an antique teapot (don’t get me started on those) and served in a beautiful vintage cup with saucer. How lovely that this gets us thinking of our grandmothers. Thank you!