About Written by: Gentlemanly Pursuits

Sebastian Araujo is a decadent sort of chap who lives with one foot in the past and the other in a dream of the past. A penchant for silk cravats and omelets in gay olde Paree. Living in Hemlock House, a hand built log house set into a deep forest in the lush countryside of Northern Vermont after escaping from the rat race of NYC, he spends his days dreaming of beauty and magic while waiting for the corn to grow and the fairies to whisper as they flutter around the flowerbeds. He seldom follows the weekly news.

Beach House – A Simple Way of Life

Beach Cottage

Beach House. The words alone have the hypnotic associations Henry James once famously ascribed to summer afternoon, “the two most beautiful words in the English language.” Much of the beach house’s allure is in its reflection of a simpler way of life, a pared-down existence where the breeze is the housekeeper, the furnishings don’t mind a damp swimsuit, and the Continue Reading →

The Haunted Garden – Versailles France

Le Hameau Versailles Paris

Let me say from the start, I do believe in Ghosts! Very often in the winter I go to Paris. Preferring her chilly, gray and quiet days to the more exuberant times of year. No sooner settled and I hop aboard the RER train that goes nonstop to Versailles. I have been on many tours and poked my head into palatial Continue Reading →

The Dish on Porcelain

The authors personal collection of porcelain. A weakness for porcelain has always been a bit suspect. Beginning in the late 1600’s certain collectors were labeled as having the maladie de porcelaine, or “porcelain sickness,” an overwhelming desire to acquire more and more pieces of the material being imported from China. In 1602 Daniel Defoe criticized Queen Mary of England for Continue Reading →